Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the sources of data. This is expected to improve response times and save bandwidth. Edge computing is an architecture rather than a specific technology, and a topology- and location-sensitive form of distributed computing.

S10 is a high-performance intelligent edge PLC, with a high-speed backplane bus, Ethercat main protocol with extraordinary performance, and very short response time; the CPU command processing time can reach 1ns.

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S20 is a mid-to-high-end edge computing product, supporting the acquisition and forwarding of many different industrial protocols, with large-capacity storage and backup capabilities and reverse control functions, both AI computing power, cloud-access capabilities, high performance and high stability.

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E7 is an intelligent industrial-grade application platform used in combination with a distributed architecture solution based on containers and the Anthos.s20 node-type edge computing module.

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P9 supports Profinet/EtherCAT/Modbus, etc., as well as dual hot standby redundancy for mid-to-high-end solution.

P7 supports Profinet/EtherCAT/Modbus, etc.

P3 supports low-cost solution for general automation equipment.

is an intelligent manufacturing execution application platform

independently developed by SOTHIS.

The platform provides relevant factory-level micro-functional modules to intelligently build application models and related field-level applications such as manufacturing execution chains and intelligent supply chains based on customer needs, which can then be offloaded to a field-level device or node-type edge computing module (S20) to form a distributed edge cloud.

Distributed edge cloud framework: provides one or more resilient distributed operating system frameworks to meet requirements for user extension, failover, and deployment models, etc.

Heterogeneous platform cloud: provides public, private, hybrid cloud and other modes, and intelligently adapts the enterprise cloud architecture according to actual user conditions via its digital twin system.

High-performance and highly stable real-time application capability: provides both AI computing and cloud linkage functions while supporting field-level devices for a variety of industrial protocols, and provides free functions such as SCADA.


Intelligent Manufacturing
Execution Application Platform
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